Gadgets: Heart Monitors

The heart monitors I’m looking at are the same used by gym junkies and elite sports folks. There’s a strap around the chest and often a wrist band. The basic idea is that there’s an optimum heart rate band for the person using them, mostly that heart rate band is targetting fat burning, but elite sports people can use them to train for their particular event. If the actual heart rate goes outside the band, the watch or gym machine beeps, and the user can speed up or slow down to get back in the optimal range.

I have a little bit of a different use in mind, at least for the the early stages of the residency. I just want to track my heart beat, while sleeping, sitting at my desk, and the occasional walk to work.

Unfortunately it turns out the first heart monitor I purchased is only able to give me a summary of my heart rate over a period of time: the average and the peak, no where near detailed enough for my needs. This is despite me encouring the salesperson to show me some of his data, and being quite happy at the ten second coverage. As I’m hoping to just be able to upgrade the watch and use the same chest strap, I’m still wearing the chest strap to get used to using it during the night.

Live and learn!

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