Gadgets: Scales

The not-so-humble scales.

Time used to be where a scale measured your weight, and that was it. Now, you can get scales that will approximate your bodies fat percentage as well, it’s enough to make you want twice as much comfort food.

To get even fancier, the FitBit Aria scale I went with even uploads these measurements over wireless! All of the family can add accounts, and the scales will play a guessing game as to which member of the family is standing on it.

Now, the accuracy of the fat percentage is really questionable. It sends a tiny electrical pulse up one leg and down the other, measuring the resistance in the body. Fat, muscle, bone and water all have different electrical resistances, so the scales take a bit of a punt and estimate how much fat you have in your body.

The real issue is that it’s not forcing the electricity pulse through your entire body; there is a set of scales that comes with, essentially, a set of handlebars. You pick these up and the scales can send the electricity pulse through your hands down to your feet, ensuring a much better measurement. Unfortunately these scales aren’t licensed in Australia. I’m not too concerned about this, as I’m not all that interested in the exact measurement, just that it’s consistent over time so that I can see a trend. Based just on the week’s data I have so far, it seems very consistent.

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