Micropropagation of African Violets

MS media for micropropagation.

MS media for micropropagation.

Now that the Basement lab is set up and we finally have a handle on the contamination issue that set my plant cultures back in the early stages of cultivation, I have made up a new batch of media. (I have to say that preparing media and sterilising jars is not one of my favourite jobs.)

The basic ingredients for the media include: Murashige and Skoog Medium with BA and some PPM (plant preservative mixture  to reduce fungal contamination) and Agar.

This time around, I am hoping to propagate African Violets and have ordered some leaves from Jane’s African Violets.  They should arrive tomorrow and I will be able to start culturing.  It will take about six weeks until I can sub-culture the specimens and I am planning to document the entire process. Hopefully it will all work without any further mould/fungus issues.  Exciting!

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