Quantified Self: Week three

This week I upgraded my heart monitor to one that allowed me to get detailed data of my heart rate, more about this in a separate post. I started taking semi-regular measurements of my girth. I also started recording results of the Epsworth sleepiness scale up on my Google Drive. I got a good start on the design of my installation, and have started communications with the appropriate staff at The Edge about how to get it implemented. I also had some external confirmation of the data format I’ve decided to use, which is always a good thing.

Most importantly I finished my Basis phase this week, and begin by Mental phase next week. For this coming week, I have a few posts to write, I have to make a first drop of my data set, and I have to continue looking into the installation.

In terms of oddball things, I’ve been wearing my sleep monitor head band so regularly at night that during the day I feel like I’ve lost something. I’ve even taken to wrapping my shemagh around my head bandana-style to stop myself freaking out so much.

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