Slimey the mould

In anticipation of our upcoming Slime Mould Maze Madness Workshop, we have imported a new Edge pet. S(he) is growing really well and seems to be enjoying the delicious rolled oats. We have finally received our lab agar, so I will be plating out additional cultures today.


Slimey the mould.

Slimey the mould.

With our ongoing contamination issue in the basement, I think I will sub-culture ye olde Slimey in Lab 2 upstairs.


3 replies to “Slimey the mould

  1. Kelly Purnell

    Exciting! When is the slime mould maze action going to take place?

    • svenja

      We are just in the process of confirming final dates. It is looking like the workshop will be taking place in May/June. It is pretty exciting, as we are planning a slime mould hunt. So far I have not had much success finding slime moulds at the Botanical Gardens, but perhaps with some expert advice from QUT microbiologists we will be luckier!

  2. Kelly Purnell

    Cool. There must be a good slime mould hangout somewhere in Brisbane!

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