IRL Digital Festival


If you’ve seen the call out for artists and designers over the past few months, then you might know that we’re part of the Brisbane Powerhouse IRL Digital Festival.

The festival kicks off on May 7 and hosts a number of events and installations, including two gems from The Edge: Player 1 / Player 2 (poor player 2!) and Enter The Mashup where you take control of the screens.

Both installations are free and run every day of the festival from 11am to 9pm. Be sure to check it out and marvel at the talent of some special Edge community.

Player 1 / Player 2
Player One began life as a sporting hero in Pong, explored jungles in Pitfall, overcame Nazis in Wolfenstein and even had a tragic fall into crime with Grand Theft Auto. Player Two was always there, in the shadows, dying and spawning endlessly.

Now you can experience Player One’s life, the evolution of video games and their tumultuous relationship with Player Two in this exhibition that takes over the Turbine Platform during IRL Digital Festival. Every major video game era is on display and ready for you to play as you relive the history of gaming.

Enter the Mashup
Take back the screens! Control or be controlled in this electric new installation where your only weapon is the mashup.

You take control of the screens around you and create a fresh film mashup at IRL Digital Festival. Choose from a library of new snippets of video and animation that feature everything from gritty urban streets to blue-skyed pastures and from hypnotic galaxies to candy-hued utopias.

There are plenty of other free events running throughout the festival like the Pop-up Virtual Reality Lounge where you can grab an armchair, strap on your VR goggles and go! And Power Up, an epic outdoor installation that takes over the Powerhouse Plaza.

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