Will YOU survive the zombie climate apocalypse?

It’s the not-too-distant future and we’re in trouble. Climate change has escalated rapidly, and after some severe climatic events (bushfires, rising seas, floods, cyclones), it only took months for the world’s great cities to fall. Meanwhile, a superbug has decimated human populations. There’s no power, no trade, no medical supplies; food and fresh water are almost impossible to find. Only a few pockets of humanity still exist. And now, not only do we have to worry about starvation, dehydration and daily violence – climate zombies are marauding through our deserted cities.

That’s the scenario that will be posed by Future City as part of the Ideas Festival. Six survivalists will have to survive in the cultural precinct over two days, fending off zombie attacks. Go and LIKE Future City on Facebook right now so you can keep up with the zombie cliamte apocalypse as it unfolds.

Everyone who’s ever seen a zombie movie knows, when faced with the zombie apocalypse, you can’t survive on your own. In Future City, recruiting a crack team of survivalists could change the game. People with skills like: bush medicine knowledge, physical strength, intelligence, business sense, communication skills, leadership qualities, practical know-how, ruthlessness, ability to think and learn quickly, scientific knowledge, fire-making ability.

Who do you want on your team come the zombie apocalypse? Remember, having a single individual with mad skills isn’t enough to make a team successful. It will take a balanced team in order to survive in climate-changed future. Do you want Bear Grylls, the man who can make a (disgusting) meal out of anything? An indigenous elder who knows the area?

Personally, I’m going to pass on Bear Grylls for the original and the best, Bush Tucker Man. That takes care of the food-gathering and silly-hat-wearing roles. For brute strength, fighting abilities and red-headed awesomeness, I choose Chuck Norris (circa Delta Force). For zombie knowledge and research skills I choose John Birmingham. For local knowledge and leadership qualities, Anna Bligh.

Who’s in your zombie-smiting dream team? What skills and qualities are you looking for? Head over to the Future City Facebook page and add your ideas to our poll.

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