Bloody Brisbane

Brisbane seems like a quaint unsuspecting town but we have a few gruesome stories and a quite bloody history up our sleeves.

Brisbane’s Doctor Street
Former German national Karl Kast blasted his way into Brisbane’s history by killing two doctors and injuring a third before blowing himself up in Wickham Terrace in 1955. Kast was upset as he had injured his back during work and doctors had dismissed his claim for workers’ compensation after they failed to find evidence of a back injury Kast complained of. Kast was seen by a number of doctors along Wickham Terrace and on 1 December 1955, he returned to the terrace bearing a .38 calibre revolver and a satchel containing 12 pipe bombs he had made in his bedroom. The first stop was Dr Michael Gallagher’s practice on the second floor of Wickham House and Kast fired bullets into the doctor’s right forearm, the right side of his chest and his leg — but miraculously Gallagher lived. Kast killed a further two doctors that day before detonating a series of bombs in one of the doctor’s office and finally taking his own life with a revolver.

The Female Vampire
On 20 October 1989 Edward Baldock was walking home from a night of drinking with his friends when he approached by a car carrying Tracey Wigginton, her lover Lisa Ptaschinski and two of their friends. The women lured him into the car and drove him to a park near West End where they gruesomely attacked Baldock to the point of decapitation. Wigginton then drank his blood and his body was found the next morning. In the victims shoes was a cash card of Tracey Wiggington and all four women were soon arrested. During the trial Tracey Wigginton stated that she lived on a diet of animal’s blood and the murder of Baldock was a means to satisfy her hunger for human blood. Wigginton and Ptaschinkski received life-long sentences.

Killer’s Ghost Haunts Brisbane Jail
Ernest Austin was the last of 42 inmates hung at Queensland’s notorious Boggo Rd jail and it is his supernatural presence, rather than his murder of a young Brisbane girl, that people talk about. The 23-year-old was dropped through gallow trap-doors in September 1913 and the inmates of A Wing, the place of Austin’s execution, claimed they were tormented by supernatural experiences as Austin’s ghost would appear through concrete walls and throttle prisoners in their cells. The hauntings have been felt more than 100 years later.

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