Hello 2018

So that was 2017, and now it’s 2018 with all its shine still in the wrapper (so to speak).

2017 saw The Edge turn seven (!), delivering hundreds of workshops, dozens of outreach activities and expanding the Fabrication Lab to include the CNC Router, vacuum formers (our favourite new toy), sous vides and roto-casters – the tools for making hollow chocolate objects for religious holidays.

We ran workshops in tents, learned that there are more than thirteen ways to start a fire, made hundreds of litres of kombucha, helped set up makerspaces and discovered that building the tools to recycle plastics is not as easy as it first looks.

We discussed and staged apocalypses with community members and volunteers from flexible learning centres, libraries and Men’s Sheds from across Brisbane. Some of that work included 100 sheets of corrugated cardboard and five kilograms of hot glue that went into the Cardboard Kaiju. Then there were the hundred and some metres of opaque plastic sheets that went into the immersive experience that was BioCrisis.

In short and in earnest, The Edge spent a lot of time learning, evolving and changing to deliver on its mission of empowering creative experimentation across art, science, technology and enterprise for all of Queensland. It is what we do.

Which brings us – The Edge and you, the community – to what comes next in 2018, when we’re all back from holidays and the Fabrication Lab is open again. What then?

We’re planning to turn the building over to the community for a month to explore their imaginary worlds. We’ll be finalizing the Fabrication Lab and turning it (finally) into an MIT accredited Fab Lab. There will be workshops and programs and projects for everyone reading this to get involved with.

The Edge will be finalizing the release of its programming IP under Creative Commons license.

Looking at all of that, it’s going to be a busy year.

Daniel Flood & The Edge Team

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