Shedding light on the visitor experience and relevant future technologies at the Edge

Hi there,

I am Mark Bilandzic and I am doing a study at the Edge where I am particularly interested in improving the experience of people when they come to the Edge through the use of ambient technologies.

The Edge is a physical place for people to meet, explore, experience, learn and teach each other creative practices in various areas related to digital technology and arts. My project aims at investigating how innovative digital media and technologies can provide new opportunities to facilitate this mission of the Edge, hence ultimately improve its visitor’s experience.

We know from theories about space and place that physical infrastructure influences the way people feel, behave, act and interact in a particular physical place. What does this mean in the context of the Edge? How well does the physical and social infrastructure at the Edge serve its visitors’ needs, and how does it shape their overall experience? Can social media (as a digitally embodied 4th dimension of physical architecture) amplify the given social as well as physical characteristics of the Edge? Can such a digital amplification of space at the Edge enhance its visitor experience? If yes, how?!

I hope to shed some light on these question as we go along with this project. I am excited to get started.

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  1. jimmy McGIlchrist

    Hi Mark,

    Sounds like an interesting project. I’m working with human ID and tracking via computer vision with the aim of amplifying public space through digital tech. This shares similar ground with your project.
    I will be in at the edge with a group of Splendid artists for a few days in November if your keen for a coffee.



  2. Dane Tennant

    This sounds like a very interesting project Mark, I’ll definitely be checking back to see how this progresses.

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