Spooky Brisbane Stories

Brisbane may not been high on the list when you think about cities with supernatural sides, but there are still plenty of great ghosts stories about our city.

The City Hall ghost
There plenty of rumours about ghosts in Brisbane’s City Hall, but one in particular takes the cake. Since the 1950s council workers have heard strange footsteps and felt a sinister atmosphere in a series of small rooms known as Room 302. The rooms are close to a spot where a caretaker is believed to have committed suicide in the 1940s. In 1982 carpenters demolished the interior walls and the area was added to a kindergarten centre. Thankfully the ghost has not been heard of since and there are no reports of little kiddies feeling the haunting.

Goodna Cemetery’s ghost hands
For a period of Brisbane’s history the Goodna Cemetery was used by the Woogaroo Asylum. The combination of the criminally insane and ghosts has produced a smorgasbord of horrifying stories. The most terrifying aspect is the physical effects of the hauntings with visitors known to have left with bruises and scratches on their bodies.

Spook Hill’s satanic antigravity
There are many, many ghost stories haunting Toowong Cemetery, but one legend sticks out more than most. Twelfth Avenue, more commonly called ‘Spook Hill’, is a sloping road in the cemetery with a spooky element. Many people have reported that if you park your car in the middle of the road, facing uphill, and let it roll, the car will actually roll uphill rather than downhill. The ghost hunter’s explanation? A tombstone near the top of the hill marks the grave of a child who died in a car accident. His spirit draws all cars towards it, with such a powerful attraction that it overcomes even gravity. The scientific explanation? There’s a natural magnetic lodestone at the top of the hill, strong enough to drag even large metal objects (like cars).

Have you ever seen a ghost in Brisbane?

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