Steppin’ out on iStreet

It’s been a busy month since Mervin hit town- with a splash! In consultation with with Luke Cavell, MC Murriz and Soulbreakers were engaged to perform at The Edge’s Re-Launch; a mad set that showed them to their finest. Meanwhile the upstairs iStreet stall showed the MC Murriz first doco: shot and edited in one afternoon at Luke Cavell’s studios. You can catch these boys and more at Stylin’ Up festival, 28th May at CJ Greenfield Sports Complex, Freeman Road, Inala. Stylin’ Up, for those not in the know, is our premier Indigenous owned Hip Hop and R’n’B music and dance festival.  It has a full program of performance and workshops on offer and hits the 3 P’s on the head: Pride in Self, Pride in Community, and Pride in Culture. Be there or be stuck in the 90’s- it’s your choice.

iStreet’s first gathering at Inala Elders this Thursday was presented by mervin Jarman himself, who handed the shiny shiny toys over and choreographed a group led interview in his typically inspirational style. Participants are being given the opportunity to form part of iStreet’s Crew, a team of movers and shakers who will bring their stories, and the stories of their communities to light, and develop sweet skills in the process.

iStreet’s presence at Stylin’Up is going to be a red-carpet affair. Jump in front of iStreet’s green screen, get your mates to film your wicked moves and edit a short flick to music with your choice of dazzling backgrounds. Who said you couldn’t be a star?

More to follow- watch this space!

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