The Last Post

Up until now I’d never experienced one but let me tell you: caffeine hangovers are a thing. With only three weeks left until graduation I’m surprised my play-hard, procrastinate-harder lifestyle hasn’t thrown me one sooner. But sure enough, several recommended daily doses later and here I am, staring out the windows of The Edge’s basement at an eerily dark afternoon. The darkness is not only a blessing on my flaky eyeballs but it’s also set the mood for my final day at The Edge.

Before I emailed Beck with my application for the intern role I had no idea this space existed. It wasn’t until my mother linked me the ad for the position that I started to see some of the excellence that I’ve now come to expect  daily from The Edge.  (Holy hell it’s starting to rain. Dry bed sheets are overrated anyway.) During my time as a communications intern at The Edge I’ve edited and updated staff profiles (and subsequently gotten to know great people); I’ve gotten to learn about awesome events such as the Zombie Apocalypse Series; and sit in on great programs such as Creative Community Computing. I’ve also drafted radio ads, social media posts and of course there’s the editing (we will never forget the editing).


Sunnier times.

However, during my time as gleeful imbecile at The Edge I’ve had the chance to get touchy feely with a 4000 year old Babylonian tablet as well as getting up close and personal with a preserved polar bear. I’ve discovered that green ghost drops are a no-go and that clothes can be grown from tea. Yesterday I was looking over Michelle’s shoulder as she took samples of her own blood for use in a music video and today I got to sit in on a seminar on the future of libraries (far from as boring despite what you might think).

For those applying to intern at The Edge: to say it’s a rewarding experience is like saying the sun is hot. You can’t anticipate the kind of shenanigans that you might experience in a week at The Edge, possibly because the staff can’t either. It’s the nature of the organisation and I fear it may be the kind of internship experience that many hope to find but most do not. If you are lucky enough to get called for an interview read up on as many of the events and programs as possible. Even if you don’t get the position you’ll be a far more interesting and knowledgeable person for it.

Anyway, technically I’ve finished my role as intern and am now just loitering in the office. Security has been notified. So for my final slice of cheese: you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Nailed it.

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