Halloween at The Edge


Halloween is a time for dancin’, shinin’ and lettin’ loose, which is exactly what we are inviting you to do this Halloween.

Monsters Ball

Craft yourself a creepy costume and scamper along to The Edge’s very first Halloween Monsters Ball. This all ages event will be a chance to suit-up for some mischief- making, celebrating the weird and the wonderful creatures of imagination.

There will be a haunted house to explore, as well as prizes for best dressed. Join us for Haunting how tos — make your own slime, bugs, cuts and bruises and ghostly comic strips. If you want to shake a leg on the dance floor, we’ll be spinning some Halloween classics.

What’s going on at the Monsters Ball


  • Haunting how tos (make your own slime, bugs, cuts and bruises and ghostly comic strips)
  • Haunted house and photobooth
  • Under 13’s costume competition
  • Over 13’s costume competition
  • Halloween pop classics

6pm, 31 October 2014

Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no live music at The Edge’s Halloween extravaganza. Monster Zoku Onsomb! will not be performing as earlier advertised. Find out where they’re playing next on their Facebook page.


Build the Haunted House

If you are the kind of person who thinks planning the party is half the fun, we want to talk to you. Deep in our basement lab the mad scientists, unhinged inventors, (aka seemingly trustworthy Edge staff), having dreamt up a terrible human experiment to create the most horrifying all-ages Halloween party ever held in a library. We’ve formulated and tested basic plans for a scare chamber (aka haunted house) to be installed at the ball. Now we all we need is a pile of creative misfits who love Halloween and are excited by the idea of contriving complicated animatronic horror apparatuses to scare the minds outta 300+ people.

If that’s you, and you have some time to kill on Thursday nights and/or Sunday afternoons in the lead up to Halloween, sign up here to receive further instructions.


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Animatronics workshops

This workshop will teach you how to use electronics and actuators (e.g. servos) to build a set of animatronic ears, perfect for your next costume party or cosplay session. At the end of this workshop you will leave with a set of animatronic costume ears that you have created during the session, along with a handout describing the electronics theory covered during the session. After completing this workshop you will be able to use electronics and actuators for toys, artworks or costumes.

To participate in this workshop you should have a basic understanding of how electrical current works and how to build a simple circuit including using a battery and LEDs.

1-4pm, 31 August 2014

1-4pm, 7 September 2014

Comic Comp

We’re looking for witty, weird and wonderful Halloween themed comics to adorn our walls. We’ve got the characters designed and waiting, ready for you to get creatin’. By contributing your comic you can go in the draw to win a VIP double pass to the Monsters Ball.

As comics are received we’ll print them on our vinyl cutter, install them on the wall, then photograph them and add them to our Instagram account and an album on Facebook. Winners will be selected from the comics that gather the most votes across Facebook and Instagram (one like = one vote) and onsite at The Edge (voting tokens available from reception).

To get involved:

  • Download the .ai or the .pdf – this will give you some short instructions, all the characters you can use in your comic, as well as a template for the frames
  • Using Adobe Illustrator, construct your own three panel comic strip, complete with witty punch line
  • Upload your finished masterpiece

    Enter Here

  • Keep an eye on The Edge’s Instagram and Facebook to vote on your creation when it goes up on the wall

Keep in mind that the finished comics will be cut on our vinyl cutter, so keep intricate details to a minimum.

If you need a hand using Illustrator we it installed on computers here at The Edge. You can also use our Lynda.com subscription to learn how to work with vectors in Illustrator. We recommend you have a look at the following tutorials:

If you get really stuck just email us.