The CCC Project: Computing, Champagne and Cockroaches

Reason #923 why I love interning at The Edge: Arriving at the office at a quarter to midday (continuing my proud tradition of being the flakiest intern ever) and being greeted with a glass of champagne and a table full of food! While I’m told this doesn’t happen every day, I can already tell that my stint at The Edge will be the benchmark of awesomeness to which I compare all my future jobs and general life achievements. I wonder if they’ll let me stick around here indefinitely if I agree to accept payment in cake and muffins? Seeing as it’s already my preferred form of currency, it’s definitely worth a try.

Last week I sat in on the Creative Community Computing (CCC) workshop directed by Outreach Catalyst Andrei, although I think he’d agree with me that the kids participating in the workshop didn’t need much directing. They were given a computer, a couple of screwdrivers and some basic instructions, and soon enough they’d taken apart the entire contents of the hard drive, put it all back together again, and asked what was next. Coming from the girl who hitches a ride to Meltdown City every time Microsoft Word so much as closes unexpectedly, let’s just say I was in awe.

The rationale of the CCC project is simple: in the digital age, digital knowledge is power. Provide young people with a basic knowledge of operating systems, an ability to fix and troubleshoot, and some hands-on experience with hardware, and they’ll be given valuable knowledge to use in their daily lives, as well as inspiration to continue their technological education into the future.

As one of those annoying students who still believes that journalism can do some good in the world, I’m just a little bit thrilled that I get to write about it. Stay tuned for the story. You know, once I’ve finished all these time-consuming blog posts and taken all these pesky champagne and cake breaks.

In other news, I have successfully stolen from outsmarted arch nemesis fellow intern Sam and I have the privilege of presenting to you: two interns wrestling with the resident office cockroach Gregor. Who said the intern life was easy?

.Cockroach photo

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