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Guest blog post by, Helen Kelly of Brisbane Hand Lettering Meetup

We’ve come a long LONG way together The Edge & I. December 2017 marks the second year that Brisbane Hand Lettering meet-ups started. Little did I know the first time I booked 2 window bays that day and put the call out on social media, lettering enthusiasts in and around Brisbane would come out of the woodwork to embrace this free social session.

It’s a great way for us all to practice our varied techniques and share our knowledge with other like-minded creatives. Sure, sometimes we are so busy chatting away about inks, pens, nib reservoirs, etc, 2 hours goes in the blink of an eye!

We are a wonderful mixed bunch of hand stylers that get together every second month. Calligraphers, graffiti artists, modern brush letterers, tattoo artists, experimental with sticks & ink, iPad procreate app users, illustrative letterers, black / gothic style letterers, hand letterers vectorizing on laptops and even absolute fresh beginners with zero experience. There’s always a great vibe and it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. It’s always exciting for me to see who comes along with a particular lettering discipline and decides to make the meet-ups a regular mark on their calendar.

This last session for 2017 on December 3rd, The Edge is treating us to a larger space up on the mezzanine level. I will also have someone bringing in their machine that can clean metal nibs, and other metal writing tools for us – so please bring along those hard-to-clean writing tools for a freshen up. I’m also able to organise a larger seating allocation for this meet-up. You will be required to register for this one as always, and it will run for an extra 2 hours from 2pm-6pm.

Seating allocation will go live the week prior on Sunday 26th at 8am (via this link) so put it in your diary if you wish to come along and join us for some lettering goodness.

Don’t forget to bring along your lidded cup and grab yourself a cuppa from the ‘Coffee Stop’ at The Edge on first floor whenever you are visiting this space. This will save you 50c and help the environment while supporting The Edge.






– Helen Kelly

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