Hip Hop Not Stopping in the Floods

River City Revenge Flyer with artist and event info

River City Revenge Flyer

Within days of the floods hitting the heart of Brisbane, several of the city’s hip hop artists donated their time to a mammoth fundraiser event spearheaded by two artists turned organisers Tom Thum and DJ Butcher.The event, dubbed River City Revenge, featured a massive line up including heavyweights The Optimen, Sydney’s The Tongue & Joyride , Triple J Unearthed competition winner Seven, Rainman, Prophet Rayza, Elements Collective breakers and Crate Creeps – the organiser’s own act, amongst several more performers.

Fun Raiser Flyer listing artists and event details

Fun Raiser


Sydney’s Urthboy also offered his time to the cause during a quick visit to Brisbane, the outcome being a ‘fun raiser’. ‘The idea was that fundraisers were sprouting up left, right and centre and you may have already donated what you could or you may have been affected financially by the floods yourself. So this would be about lifting the spirits of those affected first and foremost, donations secondary’ explained the artist and Elefant Traks label manager.



Queensland hip hop artists, including some of the same River City Revenge performers, also banded together under the name Rap Relief to record a fundraiser track you can listen to and purchase by donation at: http://raprelief.bandcamp.com

Rap Relief 'Together' Cover Art showing Brisbane CBD and river

Rap Relief - 'Together'


Fundraising Vs Pulling Out Hair
Ever thought of putting on your own fundraiser? It might not be as simple as it sounds. DJ Butcher gives us the A’s to our Q’s about River City Revenge.

Q. Tell us about River City Revenge, what was it?
A. ‘A showcase of Brisbane’s hip hop talent, a banding together of established
artists with the joint idea to raise money for flood victims. Everyone played for free, everyone helped out on the night, everyone had fun!’

Q. Why did you put the event on?
A. ’As a person who wasn’t affected [by the floods], I felt that running a record label and having experience in promoting, I could do more to help flood victims, so me and Tom Horn – co-owner of Born Fresh – sat down and
copied the idea from other states to run a fundraising show.’

Q. When did you start pulling it together?
A. ’The show was on a Friday [21st January] and we started putting it together literally on the Monday before the show. It was probably the most stressful show of my entire life. We got our own liquor license and ran our own bar, so that definitely threw some spanners in the works.’

Q. How did you go about selecting artists, getting them on board and sourcing a venue?
A. ’We started off by sourcing artists from our own label and then as
promoters needed some draw cards, so we also invited good friends Rainman and The Tongue/DJ Joyride from Sydney to play. As it was a non-profit event, everyone was super happy to play for charity and the mood was very positive all night. As for the venue, my friend Kelso (Steven Windolf) just happened to run a venue in Brisbane and was free on the night, so he lowered his venue fee to cost price (for insurance, equipment hire etc) and we went from there.’

Q. What went well?
A. ’Mostly everything.’

Q. Okay, so what didn’t?
A. ’People were drinking the alcohol too fast so we had to close the bar a few times to slow the rate of intoxication. We also needed more licensed security, something we didn’t foresee. We also needed more people to help clean, the event finished at 1am, we were cleaning until 4am and went back to clean from 10am-1pm the next day. Not Fun.’

Q. So the big question, how much money was raised?
A. ’After all incidentals we raised just over $5,500.00 with the only costs being drinks/ice (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and venue hire. Everything else was donated.’

Q. Any interesting stories?
A. ’Within five minutes of the first act playing a girl passed out from a drug overdose in front of the sound desk at the back of the venue, it definitely kept everyone running the event on their toes for the rest of the night.’

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