Interview: Laneous & The Family Yah

Local legends Laneous & The Family Yah will be headlining our relaunch party at The Edge this Saturday May 7. Our intrepid gonzo reporter and Edge VSO, Nathan Connors, caught up with frontman Laneous to get the latest news on what the band has been up to.

Brisbane band Laneous & The Family Yah are busy working on their film-making credentials, producing a series of interconnected film clips for their next EP.

Delving into the art of creating memorable and meaningful film, Laneous and co have teamed up with their good mate Si Gould to make a short film about “love and being in a band.”

“Si is an excellent film guy and we work really well with him,” Laneous said. “We’re making a series of autonomous film clips which will each tell their own story but will also come together to create a short film.

“It’s really exciting and an area of interest we’re really focused on.”

Laneous said although the band are busy making films, recording their new EP Paper and playing live shows still takes up most of their time.

“The new EP is going to be really weird and experimental, it’s psy-rock-weird stuff,” Laneous explained.

“We’re working on two EPs this year as it allows us to try different things and get new material out there faster. We think it’s smart to do EPs instead of albums as you can save a bit of money and they’re easier to create.”

He said the music business had changed so much in recent years that bands cannot afford to rely solely on their CD sales for revenue.

“Gigs are really where it’s at, at the moment. You have to be continually out there because there are so many artists around.”

“The band has been together for four years now, I can see us slogging out live shows for the next decade.”

Laneous said it’s really important as an artist to have an engaging mix of media especially with the democratisation of music and media creation.

With bands like The Ultramods now creating and selling entire albums made on Garage Band for iPad, Laneous said it can only add to the mix of talented independent artist.

“I think it’s fantastic how this allows for different types of music,” he said.

“It’s better to have independent artists creating work rather than the industry being controlled by money hungry record labels.

“It means kids whose daddies aren’t rich have the opportunity to rock.”

Laneous and Family Yah will play at The Edge Relaunch on Saturday May 7. Click here for the full program.


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