Mastering Souncrane: Astroboy fights Tsunami with soX!

Soundcrane is a project where ‘Australian musicians cover Japanese compositions to raise money for the disaster relief effort.’ I’ve just completed the mastering for this project in at The Edge’s Lab3.  Check it out and buy a track for a good cause at Bandcamp!

I don’t usually do mastering so I was on the hunt for a resampling tool to use for this project. Re-sampling is the process of up or down sampling digital audio.  The sample rate for CDs is 44,100 samples per second. In this case I want to go up 96,000 or 96k as some of the plug-ins I use sound better at higher sample rates. I also needed to get back down to 44.1k for the final output to be posted on bandcamp. Downsampling badly can make time spent in mastering tweaking subtle details wasted and is generally a bit of a black art in digital audio. Wikipedia has the details of course.

With the criteria of free, open source and cross-platform I went to to Infinite Wave Mastering’s awesome sample rate comparison site. I found soX – an audio processing toolkit that on spec beats pretty much every other tool out there.  Its a command line tool but if thats too geeky for your, you can use as a plug-in for foobar – a free audio process tool for windows.




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