Pro Tools FAQ videos in Lab 3.

Hi all,

I’ve started doing screen capture videos as a FAQ for Lab 3. You can find them in the Movies folder on the Lab 3 computer – not online yet.

They are all “How do i?” type questions, and cover some basics of Pro Tools. Here is what Ive done so far;

01 Create new session, create and delete track
02 Import audio from finder
03 Find Audio in Region Bin and Finder
04 Switch between slip and grid, change to bars and beats
05 Switch to edit command focus and use tab to transient
06 Find 2 bars and separate
07 Turn on tempo ruler and identify beats
08 Set tempo for whole song and clean up start
09 Edit in grid mode and change grid value
10 Record a vocal
11 edit vocal using separate, trim and grab
12 Turn on elastic audio and edit vocal
13 Change to mix view and insert an eq
14 Insert Delay on a vocal.

Have a crack at them and let me know what you think!

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