PT workshops…Beginner or not? 10 quick questions to check your skill level.

After being relocated to a SLQ conference room while The Edge is being refitted, all went smoothly for the 1st of the new series of workshops. Thanks to all those that came along!

This was the last of the basics workshops and everything form here on in will get a little more advanced and/or specialized. If you are unsure,  here are ten quick questions that you should be able to answer before you’ll get anything out of the next series of workshops.

Can you:

1. Create a new session at 44.1Khz, 24 bit using a default  i/o template, and save it on the correct hard drive.

2. Create, name and delete an audio track, aux track and master track.

3. Import audio into a new Pro Tools track, straight from the Finder and from the File menu.

4. Find an audio file in the region bin and in the Audio Files folder in the Finder.

5. Switch between slip and grid edit mode.

6. Set up a tempo grid.

7. Identify a tempo from one bar of audio, and set that tempo for the whole session.

8. Use tab to transient, cut, copy, paste, duplicate and repeat audio regions.

9. Record a vocal.

10. Bounce a session to disk.

If this is all a bit much and you are still looking to start from scratch, don’t despair – there are regular inductions run at The Edge, and as always, plenty of  resources on the web. Here is a few links for Pro Tools beginners.

Chris Bryant has a great introduction to Pro Tools on here.

For tips and tracks and trouble-shooting you can’t beat the DUC – Avid’s own community forums.  Its a little overwhelming at first, but if you narrow in on the platform you use (Mac/PC) and the type of hardware (PT9, LE, HD or M-powered) there is plenty of help available.

Avid also has TV site, with plenty of info(mercial) type videos, and as always there is youtube.

Good luck!

















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