Sound Hunterrrrrs


Hey Peeps…

Michelle Xen here, about to embark on the last of the Sound Hunter workshops this coming weekend.

The Sound Hunter series has seen us take to the rivers edge collecting ambient noise from the Brisbane river and the cultural centre caverns and spaces. With all the intensive listening going on we have managed to collect sound from just about anything we can tap, scrape, hit, rustle, or simply observe. With a wealth of resonant spaces (such as the Cultural Centre carpark) we also discovered much glorious reverb on the existing hums and echos in the space. We now have a range of sound files I am cutting up, cleaning up and organising for upload to our Edge Dropbox for you to share in >>> Ready soon!

Tomorrow will be our final Sound Hunter workshop where we will take our samples and begin to effect and construct them into sonic spaces, songs or scores. Come along, the deets are HERE.

Come Sound Hunting!!

See you soon. Mxen

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