Tinian’s Boy cut latest clip at The Edge



Tinian's Boy filming their latest clip Animal. pic: supplied

You don’t have to look far to find new and interesting projects happening at the Edge. Our Screen and Sound Lab often has editors working on a variety of different things, including short films, documentaries and corporate work. Music clips are commonly being worked on as well, but not often do you see the band member editing and directing his own clip.

That’s what Adam Stonehouse, together with Peter Johnston has done. Tinian’s Boy will be launching their new single and film clip to “Animal”, which was shot on the Red One Camera. The “Red” was noteably used on The Social Network, District 9 and many others. It’s quality was not lost on me when I walked past Adam busily editing away today. The quality of the image was quite impressive, and you’ll be able to check it out when the band launch it at The Zoo tomorrow night (2nd July).

If you ask me, the clip looks great and according to Adam it cost a lot less than you might think.

The band have had a pretty rapid rise of late and if you are interested in energetic indie-rock, they are touring throughout July -August.

“From the first note, Adam Stonehouse proves to be the ever-entertaining frontman, dancing across the stage in what can only be described as sporadic bursts of pleasure and excitement.” Time Off Magazine.




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