Two personal records…

I think I’ve just set a new personal record for number of genre’s hopped in one month of work and for number of double shot flat whites in a 24 hour period. First is good. Second is bad.

I’ve gone from a B105 charity rock song that needed a mix (and some severe autotune) to producing a song from a 15th century opera featuring seven sopranos in full voice (who definitely don’t need to be tuned) , to the tracking of some country rock in the leafy hills of Paddington,  to recording a  metal/hardcore band in an industrial no-man’s land on the gold coast.  Number of flat whites? Lets just say that I have ten coffee loyalty card in my wallet…

All great music (or for a great cause), but why am I ranting on about this? Well, if you attend a Pro Tools workshop, we can go through aspects of recording and production, using some of these sessions as examples of what to do (or not!) when faced with different musical genres.  Whatever your musical inclination you should be able to come away with a tip or two, and a better understanding of how to use Lab 3.

UPDATE :  December workshops are booked out, so keep your eyes peeled for the January workshops, and sign up for the newsletter for the latest updates.

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