2015 Wrap-up

By Daniel Flood, Creative Manager

2015 is coming to a close, and I’m sitting in the back of the room watching The Edge team Christmas party. They could have gone to dinner, grabbed drinks or done whatever it is ‘normal’ offices do to celebrate the close of a successful, full-on year – that would have made sense. But, that wouldn’t be about empowering creative experimentation across art, science technology and enterprise; which is what The Edge does. From venue hire to programming and communications, The Edge filters through that context, up to and including this year’s Christmas party, as it’s spent learning how to laser cut, solder and road test a workshop that no one has ever done before.




Spending the afternoon creating and making is how The Edge celebrates a successful year, and here’s what some of that success looks like:

  • Community and exhibition partnerships with diverse communities like Autism Queensland, University of Queensland, Microsoft, Apple, 4ZZZ and the School of Hard Knocks
  • The installation of a giant Space Invader at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I’m pretty sure it’s still there. (Here’s the prototype)
  • Upgrades to already fantastic facilities that provide community, government and industry with the opportunity to make awesome things happen (plus, more here)
  • 100,000+ visitors through the doors and thousands of community members engaging in workshops, exhibitions, and creative experimentations
  • The beginning of a long process, to give away IP to libraries and communities that want to make programming like The Edge
  • Bespoke cubby houses designed and fabricated by families, for their families, and installed in backyards across South-East Queensland

None of this would be feasible, or possible if it weren’t for the team that is right now making hipster Christmas trees as their end of year festivities. An amazing, talented and dedicated gaggle of professionals that pour more than their fair share of energies into turning a concrete bunker into something vibrant, and at times frightening, but always exciting and alive.





I watch this party – the fifth (!) Edge Christmas – and smile in the knowledge that this year’s been a success, and 2016 will be something else entirely. Collectively I can say on behalf of the whole team; we cannot wait to see what it brings.

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  1. Jeff Wilson

    I would like to extend our thanks from The Brisbane Joomla User Group for the above and beyond assistance provided by your team both for our monthly meetings and the successful event of JoomlaDay Australia held in Brisbane this year. We are looking at hosting this again next year as everyone who attended loved the venue and content.
    Without your team, this would not of being nearly as easy for us to coordinate.
    We look forward to another exciting year at the Edge in 2016 when we begin meetings again in Feb 2016.


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