Innovation Lab Upgrades

The Innovation Lab has undergone some sound improvements (we’re not just talking okay, satisfactory kind of improvements, but actual sound improvements).
The Lab is adjacent the Recording Studio and has been a popular room choice for workshops, small events and as a shared space; however if you’ve used the room, you may have noticed the noisy interior, like the sound of a large cathedral (due to the length of reverberated noise IE. echo noise).

Whilst reverb is a “sweet thing” amongst sound engineers and live mixing, when it comes to speech, it can lead to poor intelligibility as the reflection of sound waves hitting your ears at different times can really screw with your head (that’s my technical term!).

We’ve addressed this issue with the installation of Quietspace Acoustic Fabric, which has transformed a noisy space into a quieter working, and relaxing environment. Further to this, the room is undergoing an AV upgrade and will soon be home to a 79” Ultra High Definition Interactive Touch Panel. This is all part of a bigger plan to create a specifically designed environment for HD visual, audio and collaboration experience.

We hope you enjoy the improvements!

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