Animate That! winners announced

It’s taken us a while to get the details sorted, but we can finally announce the winners of our Animate That! initiative. The brief was to come up with projects for installation in The Edge building that were irresistible to the passer-by, a combination of art, technology and science and a means to cleverly connect and collaborate. Commissions were offered for projects at three different levels, $10 000, $3000 and $150, reflecting the size and scope of the projects in each category.

$10 000 commission: Ben Hamley
Ben’s project, The Cloud, centres on the provocation, what if you could curate serendipity and control context? Ben’s installation is an experiment in cognitive psychology, memory, and place making that combines brain-computer interaction technology, contextually responsive environments and biomimicry to create a physical ‘cloud’ in the entrance of The Edge that will capture, remember and display memories of visitors.

$3000 commission: Kati Eyles and Kate Geck
Kate and Kati’s animated digital mural will embody the energy, vibrancy and potential of The Edge. This colourful, animated mural has both non digital and digital media and is designed to welcome The Edge users and to engage them in creating content for their space. Along the walls there will be a series of lenticular printed cards shimmering waves of colour and digital photo frames playing animated GIFs.

$150 commission: Erin Evanochko
Erin’s project, The Monster, has been inspired by the feelings of fear, despair and terror you can feel when faced with a monster and the thought of using the Adobe Production and Design Suite for the first time. Exploring this theme, she will create a series of works combining hand drawn elements with animations create in After Effects and Photoshop, make digital wallpaper for spaces around The Edge.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of months as these projects start to pop up around our building.

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