HTML: Hurting Tegan’s Mind for Laughs

Hello again. Mid-way through week three I finally got my State Library ID (sky-punch!). Instantly, my credibility, acceptability, and I daresay vanity, are through the roof (the lime-green background really contrasts nicely with my awesomeness. Some disagree — colour-blind fools!). No more negotiating access with the cleaners! No more awkward inaudible intercom interactions! The possibilities are endless. Alas, I’m still yet to acquire printing privileges. (Slowly but surely I will build their trust…).

Interns at The Edge

Speaking of privileges, this week I was also instated as an editor for The Edge’s WordPress, as my workload this week included editing, editing, proof-reading and editing. This made for some interesting results.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with WordPress (those such as myself), when creating a new post you can either view it under a ‘visual’ or a ‘text’ tab. The former shows it as it will appear — usually — and things like bold or italicised text and images will be shown. However the latter shows everything thing in text — what I’ve been told is HTML.

To provide further context, and to elaborate on the ‘tasks’ I mentioned early, I’ve spent this week solely editing the blogs of the Residents and Catalysts here at The Edge. With the 39-page State Library style guide in hand, I set out on a crusade of correction, ‘em’ dashing instead of ‘en’ dashing and capitalising the ‘t’ in The Edge.

But back to my experience with HyperText Markup Language (or possibly more apt: Hurting Tegan’s Mind for Laughs), which has proven thus far to be a worthy adversary. So worthy in fact, that it’s given me a comprehensive ass-whoopin. The last time I had anything to do with HTML was in high school, when I wanted to make my Myspace page cool. (I have a sneaking suspicion that my incompetency with HTML directly correlated with my lack of friends. Then again, maybe not.) So naturally I managed to mutilate almost every blog I touched on one level or another — there were mysterious spaces after links, text rendering had a mind of its own, and paragraph and line spacing were non-existent. Thankfully, Tegan managed to solve it and re-introduced me to my first bit of HTML, with what is known as a ‘paragraph tag’ [pærəˌgrɑːf – tặ/g/].

Aside from generally sabotaging them, the blogs gave me an awesome insight into the kinds of projects that are going on behind the ‘behind the scenes’ at The Edge.

Anyway, I’m off to whisper sweet-nothings to my State Library pass — and then to laminate it so I can wear it in the shower…

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