Where to go: To edit video

SloshTVJye and Lij are a teenage comedy duo fast making a reputation for their online antics. In just two months, their You Tube channel, SloshTV, has gathered more subscribers than The Edge website, Facebook and Twitter combined, so I sat down to learn a lesson or two from the self-taught salesmen.

It started out as a bit of fun. Typical teenagers, Lij and Jye enjoyed pulling pranks and having a laugh, at themselves and occasionally at the antics of others. With the Gen Y mantra in mind, the pair ensured they had vids, or it didn’t happen.

“Starting out we had no experience in shooting or editing video. Our gear wasn’t great and neither were our skills,” recalls Jye.

“We experimented with a couple of different You Tube channels. Our first managed to interest 80 subscribers, which at the time we thought was great.

“As we realised that this was an easy way for us to get an audience for our opinions, we had a rethink on the topic and format of our videos and started investing a little more time into the footage we were creating.

After asking the locals where one goes to edit video in Brisbane, the duo ended up at The Edge. Now regulars in our Mac lab, Lij and Jye travel from Maleny a couple of times a week to shoot and edit content for SloshTV.

“We got slightly better camera gear and started using the computers at The Edge for editing, instead of Movie Maker on our PCs at home. It’s no great surprise that as the quality of our pieces improved, so did the number of people watching them.”

From the early days of excitement over 80 subscribers, the pair has now learnt to have slightly different expectations. Their current channel has been up for around two months and has had over 80 000 views of its content.

“We tend not to think too hard about what we are trying to do. Once you get us in front of a camera, our minds just go crazy.”


SloshTV is gathering a loyal following of teenage fans. Both Lij and Jye have had moments when their online popularity has collided with their real world reality.

“I was walking down a street in Mackay and I had people I’d never met before waving to me, calling out my name,” said Jye.

“I was in South Bank a little while ago and was mobbed by a group of teenage girls, all wanting photos with me. I freaked out at first, I couldn’t work out what was going on, but it’s not a bad situation to be in,” chuckles Lij.

Currently, the pair is turning their attentions to capitalising on their unexpected success and turning this playful pastime into a paying profession. Theirs is sure to be an interesting career to watch.

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