Our Work is where we showcase some of the more memorable things that have happened at The Edge, alongside the collaborators that we’ve worked with to make them happen. Most of our featured collaborators are either Catalysts, experts hired to share their skills with the team, or Residents, emerging practitioners supported to complete a project.

MAKEIT Workshop Plans and Kits

Joule Thief

MAKEIT Workshop Plans are detailed lesson plans for Libraries, educators and the community at large. Under a share-alike, attribute, non-commercial Creative Commons license you can download, use, edit, present and re-write these workshops plans to make them your own! Context We’ve documented some of our most popular workshops and made them available to download under Creative …

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QUT & Kombucha

Kombucha Shoe

Every year, The Edge and QUT Fashion students work together on developing cutting edge fashion with a new era, sustainable material – Kombucha. Context About Kombucha Kombucha is produced by fermenting sweet tea using a symbiotic colony bacteria and yeast. It is a lightly effervescent drink regarded by many as functional food that assists in …

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Cubby Houses for Community

Lady painting a cubby house

Through a series of workshops, we worked with parents to develop, design and prototype custom cubby houses for their children. Context The Edge is committed to ensuring people from diverse communities are able to access its facilities and develop the skillset to ‘Do it Yourself’. The Cubby Houses for Community project is a part of The Edge’s commitment to inclusivity …

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The Edge AV desk

The Context The Sound programming period provided an opportunity to examine how art, science and technology intersect with sound. As was typical with programming periods, this program stretched across six months and presented a range of learning experiences and opportunities to The Edge community. It also gave us a chance to deepen engagements with existing …

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Bee One Third

Bee One Third workshops

Urban adventurers and apiarists alike swarmed like bees to honey to this sweet, sweet program. Context After hearing Bee One Third present at a Clever Convention, we were so impressed by their enthusiasm and expertise that we lined up a time to chat about what else we could do together. The result was a series …

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Svenja Kratz

The art of Svenja Kratz Bioartist, The Edge, Brisbane

About Svenja Kratz is a contemporary Australian artist interested in interdisciplinary practice with a focus on cell and tissue cultures. Aside from her work with The Edge as a Fringes Catalyst in 2013, Svenja worked at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) at QUT, where she also completed a PhD in bio-media art. …

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Daniel Bartos

Daniel Bartos casting

About Be it a five-month long private research trip in search of yidaki in Arnhem Land or exploring surfing in Central America, Daniel has travelled the world in his pursuit of sounds. While at The Edge Daniel completed a sound residency, whilst completing his PhD at Griffith University and running a multimedia collaboration with FAMU …

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Michelle Xen

Michelle Xen

About Michelle Xen is a vocalist, producer and visual artist, maker of video and sound installations, collector of words, chaser of songs, seamstress of strange shapes, sequins and other experiments with colour. She has a vibrant performance practise, along with her band The Neon Wild, and recently released her debut EP Synaethesiac, recorded while in …

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Team Mischief

Team Mischief, Residents at The Edge Brisbane

About Team Mischief (aka Phil Gullberg and NJ Yilmaz) joined The Edge for a residency during the Gaming programming period in 2012. With a background in digital arts and game development, and training on Hyper Island under his belt, Phil was in charge of the development and game play design for the project. NJ’s qualifications …

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