2011 Flood

The Context

In 2010-2011 widespread flooding was experienced across Queensland. The Edge’s typically enviable views of the Brisbane River meant that the building was under threat from the rising water. With notice, the team from SLQ and The Edge was able to shift equipment and assets to the higher levels of the building prior to the water entering on the basement level. However, the lower level of the building was still inundated with large amounts of flood water.

The clean up effort took several months, as water and mud was cleaned out of the building, plastering and electricals stripped out and fixtures reinstalled. During this time the main Edge building was closed, with the team relocated to work in The Studio, on the ground level of the main SLQ building.

The Learnings

  • The team learned to be more flexible and less reliant on the building, finding new ways to deliver programming and engage users
  • Communication improved as we learned to get things done without being co-located with all the members of the team

The Legacy

  • We still have a green line around out glass doors and fixtures marking the point where the water settled in our office
  • Powerpoints and data points are all above the floodline on the lower level of the building
  • Everytime it rains eyes unconsciously wander to the river to keep an eye on its levels

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