Bio Crisis

A biological weapon in the form of mosquitoes was accidentally released in Brisbane and has taken many lives.  Have you been infected? Come to the biotech lab at The Edge SLQ and undergo resistance testing to see if you will survive. Sign up to one of the following sessions to check if you have been infected.


On December 3 2017 The Edge presented a first full prototype of Bio Crisis , a community designed, built and staged site-specific and immersive installation informed by the community conversations deliberated upon in each of the One Last Apocalypse Book Clubs, Games Nights and Design Thinking meetups.

The Bio Crisis community crew, made up of 10 to 15 people from different backgrounds and with a range of different skills sets, came together under the facilitation of Emma Che Raethke to gain new skills and collaboratively experiment with digital fabrication, new forms of writing and media making for performance.

The Bio Crisis crew was interested in asking two key questions:

  • What would it be like and what would you say, given the opportunity to have last words before an apocalyptic cataclysm? And,
  • What would it be like to slowly lose your senses?


Nuts and Bolts

After a solid vision for the work was established community crew members came together over 5 intensive weeks to design, build and test all the elements required to create a practical and psychic space in the Edge’s Innovation Lab where four members of the public at a time were led through their own intense and deeply personal 10 min long apocalyptic crisis to explore these questions.


The core creators of the Bio Crisis experience were: Anna, Steve, Daniel, Fab, Noven, Sam, Victoria, David, Kasey and James, under the organisational eye of Program Officer Emma Che Raethke with support from Program Officer Mick Byrne.



During the OLA project, particular focus was given to documenting the unique cultural development approach to the work of empowering creative experimentation in the arts, science, technology and enterprise. The documentation of OLA, including the how to guides and templates, along with reflections from partner organisations and the arts workers on the project, will be published later in 2018 when The Edge Launches its public wiki platform – an open source wiki repository of all The Edge’s IP including a back catalogue of all our workshop plans, designs, policies procedures.




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