Cardboard Kaiju

A giant Kaiju (monster) is trying to take over a large-scale cardboard city in The Edge Auditorium. Come and defend Brisbane against the Kaiju in this collaborative board game experience.



Cardboard Kaiju was a part of the One Last Apocalypse project that was delivered at The Edge in 2017 over six-months. It’s a project that explored the idea of apocalypse as change. There were a number of outcomes from the One Last Apocalypse program and Cardboard Kaiju is one of them.

Kaiju is a Japanese word that means ‘strange beast’ and it is synonymous with a genre of cinema epitomized by arguably the king of the strange beast – Gojira – or as we know him in the west, Godzilla.

There has been a lot spoken about Godzilla, specifically and relevant to this point, as a metaphor for terrible things. The original 1954 classic as a response to the horror of atomic war and the most recent in last year’s reboot – the failure of bureaucracy in the face of calamity in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.


Nuts and Bolts

Godzilla is one of a collection of kaiju (just like Pokemon) and with Cardboard Kaiju project we’ve worked with community to design a new strange creature, an Australian Kaiju. The Kaiju could be a metaphor for any beast: bushfires, floods etc. In the end, it comes down to the player (you) projecting their concerns into the creature, engaging in a game of trying to stop it, and then handing the plans over to the next group to remix.


Each element of the Cardboard Kaiju game engaged with a community group. The following is who and how groups were engaged:

  • Men’s shed men built the cardboard buildings (after they were cut on the CNC)
  • Albert Flexi school young people worked on the sound design (as well as their recording skills)
  • Albert Park flexi school young people designed the Kaiju
  • Albert Park play tested the game design
  • The wider community built the Kaiju over a week in the Fabrication lab
  • The initial game design was the brainchild of The creative director of The Edge Daniel Flood
  • The final game designs were created by Phil Gulberg and Nejdet Yilmaz.
  • The Producer and community engagement coordinator for the project was program officer Emma Che Raethke


During the Cardboard Kaiju and OLA project, particular focus was given to documenting the unique cultural development approach to the work of empowering creative experimentation in the arts, science, technology and enterprise. The documentation of OLA, including the how to guides and templates, along with reflections from partner organisations and the arts workers on the project, will be published later in 2018 when The Edge Launches its public wiki platform – an open source wiki repository of all The Edge’s IP including a back catalogue of all our workshop plans, designs, policies procedures.






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