Clinton Freeman


A serial tinkerer and nerd not afraid of the world outside his basement, Clinton Freeman was our DIY Tech Catalyst in 2012. By day he worked as a software engineer for NICTA, devoting his time to projects like OpenSHAPA which helps scientists discover more from their data. By night (or by late afternoon) he embarked on projects of the DIY kind.

Clinton’s work

While at The Edge, Clinton turned his attentions to 3D printers. He invested time and care into getting our RepRap and MakerBot up and running and then be opening the doors to share what he knows with you. His workshops in FreeCAD and 3D printing prepared a whole new audience of Brisbanites for the ineviatble revolution when 3D printing takes over the world.

Rise of the Machines
Everyone had seen the demos and talked to the experts, but were itching to get their hands on a 3D printer and get some practice at desktop manufacturing. Using a RepRap, Clinton stepped participants through the process of designing and producing plastic parts for their own toy. They got to print their parts, put them all together, add an Arduino and hey presto, you have a programmable, moving toy!