MAKEIT Workshop Plans and Kits

MAKEIT Workshop Plans are detailed lesson plans for Libraries, educators and the community at large. Under a share-alike, attribute, non-commercial Creative Commons license you can download, use, edit, present and re-write these workshops plans to make them your own!

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We’ve documented some of our most popular workshops and made them available to download under Creative Commons, so that you (and your friends/crafty mates/group/kids/students) can have fun too!

The MAKEIT Workshop Plans offer introductory level 20 – 45 minute workshops on science, film editing, mechanics and soft circuits.


Nuts and Bolts

So far our suite of MAKEIT Workshop Plans includes:

  • 2015 National Science Week – 6 Workshop Plans exploring the science of light
  • LED Postcards Using a range of craft materials and simple electronic techniques we’ll teach you how to construct and decorate an LED postcard.
  • Fear of the Small Screen Move over Scorsese! This workshop will show you how to film, edit and output a short (30 second) horror film trailer.
  • Blinking Badges Who doesn’t want a badge that blinks?! This workshop teaches you soft circuit techniques to create an LED badge.
  • Vibrobot Bug Racers It’s race time! Construct, test and race vibrating bug bots in this 45 min introductory workshop.

Along with the Workshop Plans, we’ve also packaged up kits, to help deliver the workshops.

The MAKEIT Kits are about making life easier for the facilitator. We’ve packed kits with the correct quantities and measurements for each participant (based on the materials list inside each workshop plan). Plus, we buy materials in bulk, which means we can generally pick up stock for a fraction of the cost.



The first iteration, will always need changes!

Workshop documentation is an ongoing process and project – It’s something we’ll never stop doing now, as it shows great value to our communities.







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