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Michelle Xen is a vocalist, producer and visual artist, maker of video and sound installations, collector of words, chaser of songs, seamstress of strange shapes, sequins and other experiments with colour. She has a vibrant performance practise, along with her band The Neon Wild, and recently released her debut EP Synaethesiac, recorded while in New York and Berlin. Michelle joined The Edge as a Catalyst for six months in 2013 to provide her expertise in the area of sound.

You can also read about Michelle’s time at The Edge on our blog.

Michelle’s Work

Michelle Xen

Michelle Xen

Sound Hunter workshop series

Field to Sample: In the first workshop of the series, participants took to the streets and riverbank of The Edge to record a range of sonic textures. With recording devices loaded with sound they then headed into the labs at The Edge to upload and cut recordings into a range of samples and sounds.

Waveform to Sample: The second session was focused on using a DAW and sound plugin to experiment and generate synthesised sound. The workshop explored types of waveforms, effects envelopes, arpeggiators, and filters and participants learned the difference between midi and audio, recording and saving, and synthesised sample and patch creation.

Effecting organic and sythesised sound: Using the sounds recorded and generated from previous workshops a range of effects were applied to change and morph existing local sounds. The basics of delay, reverb, compression, EQ, and filtering were covered, along with a discuss on how experimentation with effects can lead to new ways of hearing and producing sound.

Interactive Light Costumes for Performance
Michelle, in collaboration with microelectronics engineer Michael Maggs, demonstrated their use of sound-controlled, light costumes in this presentation. These costumers explore the relationship between a performer’s body and sound, light, gesture and garment.

As part of SoundSelect, Michelle performed her new single and previewed her new film clip for My Cells, produced in collaboration with Fringes Catalyst, Svenja Kratz.

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