One Last Apocalypse

One Last Apocalypse (OLA) was a six-month project that yielded a number of public activities. During this process The Edge engaged with a broad cross-section of individuals, communities and organisations.



The project included a series of themed pop culture book clubs, games nights and design thinking meetups which eventually progressed into five weeks of intense collaborative planning, making and the staging of three larger public activities and events led by community.

They were:

  • The Last Supper celebration at the Deception Bay Library
  • Cardboard Kaiju life-sized game
  • Bio Crisis immersive installation

These final events attracted and engaged a wider public audience.

The OLA project was an opportunity to build on and further refine its approach to collaborative community driven projects that The Edge has delivered over the last 7 years: The Zombie Climate Apocalypse (2011, 2012, 2013) Halloween Monsters Ball (2014), and IRL Festival (2015).


Nuts and Bolts

The OLA project allowed The Edge to once again outreach to a variety of people who might not likely participate in these types of activities. This included people connected to community organisations like Flexible learning schools, Men’s Sheds, Multicultural and Youth agencies as well as a self-contained satellite program in Deception Bay.

In the community process of design thinking, making, and final events, a total of 119 people were engaged. There were 158 outreach engagements as well.


Public Outcomes of the OLA project

  • One Last Apocalypse Book Club series at The Edge and in Deception Bay
  • One Last Apocalypse Games nights at The Edge and in Deception Bay
  • One Last Apocalypse Design Thinking Meetups at The Edge
  • Bio Crisis- An immersive installation created by a group of dedicated community members.
  • Cardboard Kaiju- A life size board game (See here for more information)



During the OLA project, particular focus was given to documenting the unique cultural development approach to the work of empowering creative experimentation in the arts, science, technology and enterprise. The documentation of OLA, including the how to guides and templates, along with reflections from partner organisations and the arts workers on the project, will be published later in 2018 when The Edge Launches its public wiki platform – an open source wiki repository of all The Edge’s IP including a back catalogue of all our workshop plans, designs, policies procedures.




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