Nathen Street

DIY chandelier workshop by Nathen Street, The Edge, Brisbane

About Nathen Street is an emerging new media artist. He works to explore and make the invisible visible, turn the virtual into reality and explore immersive physical environments using custom software and hardware. Aside from his time as a Resident during The Edge’s 2012 DIY Tech programming period, Nathen has worked on projects such as …

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Zombie Apocalypse

Participants in the Zombie Apocalypse real life strategy game, The Edge, Queensland

An amockalyptic ARG trilogy where participants attempt to simultaneously survive zombies and dehydration #postworldproblems The context The Zombie Climate Apocalypse was a program developed to engage participants and give them a new sense of ownership over library spaces. The program progressed across three annual ‘outbreaks’, evolving in scale and sophistication with each delivery. The nuts …

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2011 Flood

2011 flood

The Context In 2010-2011 widespread flooding was experienced across Queensland. The Edge’s typically enviable views of the Brisbane River meant that the building was under threat from the rising water. With notice, the team from SLQ and The Edge was able to shift equipment and assets to the higher levels of the building prior to …

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Building The Edge

Edge redevelopment

Take a look at where it all started with the building of The Edge. The Context The Edge was conceived by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) as a digital culture centre, focused on creative communities pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, design, social action, green initiatives, and broadcast through new tools and technologies. The Edge …

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