The Context

The Sound programming period provided an opportunity to examine how art, science and technology intersect with sound. As was typical with programming periods, this program stretched across six months and presented a range of learning experiences and opportunities to The Edge community. It also gave us a chance to deepen engagements with existing communities, such as the Producers Club fortnightly meetup.

The Nuts and Bolts

The six month sound program had a number of components:

  • Catalyst role: Michelle Xen
  • Residency: Daniel Bartos’ Sound Extrusions
  • Internships: Matt Davis and Emmanuel Martinez
  • Workshops: Sound Hunter, DIY Acoustic Treatment
  • Partnership events: 2013 Little BigSound, The CAVE (Centre For Audio Visual Experimentation)
  • Pilot event: Step By Step Music Carer Workshop
  • Showcase event: SoundSelect

SoundSelect brought together the broader Edge community and participants from the above activities in a relaxed, social environment. The showcase event consisted of a program of performances, talks and installations including:

  • Sound Catalyst Michelle Zen, her band and her workshop participants performing an open sound check, live set and exclusive preview of music video for My Cells
  • Edge Sound Resident Daniel Bartos provided a work in progress presentation for Sound Extrusions
  • Interactive sound installations by Edge Interns Matt Davis and Emmanuel Martinez
  • Live set from Andrew Gibbs of the CAVE
  • Members of The Edge’s fortnightly music meetup, Producers Club, Rose Carrousel and special guests, perform a live set

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