Team Mischief


Team Mischief (aka Phil Gullberg and NJ Yilmaz) joined The Edge for a residency during the Gaming programming period in 2012. With a background in digital arts and game development, and training on Hyper Island under his belt, Phil was in charge of the development and game play design for the project. NJ’s qualifications in production engineering saw him manage the artwork and animation for the project.

Team Mischief’s work

Bubble & Brew
Bubble & Brew, a game for iOS, was the outcome of Team Mischief’s residency. The game saw players use their phone’s camera to seek and scan barcodes from everyday items. These barcodes then earned players new and rare in-game items which they could use to craft potions for the with doctor. Once created these potions could then be supplied to eccentric locals to complete quests.

Team Mischief used their residency to engage The Edge community in play testing, giving feedback and sharing ideas.

Games Lab
Phil and NJ ran Games Lab during the State LIbrary’s Garage Gamer program to allow participants to turn a brilliant concept into a working, playable game. Through this four-day program participants created their very own computer game, learning the basics of game design using Scratch, a very simple but versatile game platform, as well as the basics of conceptual design and Photoshop for character design.

The four days included a mixture of demonstrations, hands on skills development activities and studio time where participants were able to let their creative talents roam free. The workshop ended with an industry talk and a play session for family and friends where participants were able to showcase their game before taking it home for unlimited hours of personal enjoyment.

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