The Great and Grand Rumpus

The Great and Grand Rumpus (GGR) is a magical large scale installation. It brought together the skills, experience and ideas of many culminating in a playful public space made by the community for the community to have a Great and Grand Rumpus in!


GGR was collaboratively designed, managed and delivered by the Young People and Families Team and The Edge teams at State Library of Queensland. GGR showcased the ideas and stories created by and collected from children and families and brought to life and realised at large scale.  This was made possible by community design and fabrication teams working in the State Library of Queensland’s Fabrication Lab at The Edge.

Nuts and bolts

Over 3 months The Edge ran a lead in installation process where a number of installations were designed and fabricated. These included – A plus one kaiju, light installation, and a large scale sign.

Then, over a period of a month children and families were invited to dream big and describe imaginary worlds that could become The Great and Grand Rumpus. The artefacts from these workshops were collected and handed over to the design and fabrication teams who translated these artefacts and ideas into designs for large scale story world installations.

Once the story worlds were installed, The Great and Grand Rumpus installation did not stop growing. Over the next two weeks many more people contributed to the layers that came afterwards.  Through a range of creative community workshops with professional artists young people stretched their creative and tech skills in lighting and sound design adding layers of audio and video to help bring the cardboard story worlds to life.  Community members explored and programmed lights and sounds using Arduino micro-controller platform. They tinkered and made things glow and move in the installation.

In the final week of the installation GGR became a space for children, families and arts workers to play, with pop up sessions of storytelling, songs, parades and creative craft-making for children and families to add their stories to the installation.

Public Outcomes of the Great and Grand Rumpus

  • Plus one Kaiju
  • Light up The Edge Light installation
  • Great and Grand Rumpus large scale sign
  • Great and Grand Rumpus installation takeover of level 1 at The Edge
  • Great and Grand Rumpus parade


The design sessions each week had a dedicated group of individuals who were:

  • Education & Design students
  • Individuals from the wider community
  • This process was led by Gregory Davis and project officer Mick Byrne

For Fabrication:

  • Edge volunteers
  • Community organisations
  • The wider community
  • This process was led by program officers Mick Byrne and Emma Che Raethke


During the GGR project, particular focus was given to documenting this unique intergenerational approach to placing children’s ideas at the centre and empowering creative experimentation in the arts, science and technology. You can see the full documentation on The Edge’s public open source wiki repository


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