State Library on Historypin

This week State Library launched a channel on Historypin, a photo sharing site with a difference. Historypin aims to get as many people as possible taking part in the history of their family, street, and country by pinning photos to a map of the world and telling stories about the people and places in the photographs.

State Library is one of the first libraries in Australia to have a channel on Historypin, which went live on 27th March, and staff from the library have been busy pinning pictures from all over Queensland to the Historypin map.

Historypin has been developed by We are what we do, a UK based not-for-profit that created ways for millions of people to do more, small, good things, helping address social and environmental issues. Historypin wants to build stronger communities by bringing neigbourhoods together around their local history and getting people from different generations talking and sharing more.

Do you have some photographs that you could contribute to this project? Help to get Queensland on the map.

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