Fabrication Lab Materials

Using new and exotic materials on the Laser Cutter

Where possible The Edge recommends that users of the Laser Cutter use the materials kept in stock by The Edge and sold to the public at or near cost price. The Edge’s Fabrication Lab Policy and Procedures acknowledges that some laser users will however, want to experiment with other materials. The last thing we want to do is inhibit people from experimenting in the Fabrication Lab, but we also need to ensure that the team and our patrons are not exposed to dangerous emissions, and that the foreign materials being cut are not impacting adversely on the life of the machine.

In the case where users would like to experiment with new materials, we ask that they provide us with the following information, 14 days in advance of their Laser booking:

  • A sample of the material
  • A proper description of the material: product name and description, plus any other information that will assist in identifying the material. Product families, links to the material on the vendor’s website and even a photo of the price tag can help us to identify these materials
  • Safety Data Sheets for the material and any coatings applied to the material (it may be difficult to find SDS/ MSDS sheets for some materials but the more info we get the greater chance of us being able to approve the use of the materials)
  • User contact details (phone and email)

To submit your material for evaluation and testing, please drop-in during Open Lab and supply the Supervisor with a sample of the material and information set out above.

Open Lab Hours

  • Wednesday 12–6pm
  • Thursday 12–6pm (Hack the Evening 6-8pm)
  • Saturday 12–6pm