Fabrication Lab Pricelist


3mm Acrylic, Clear ~A3 $7.50
3mm Acrylic, Clear ~A2 $17.00
6mm Acrylic, Clear ~A3 $15.00
6mm Acrylic, Clear ~A2 $28.00
3mm Acrylic, White ~A3 $8.00
3mm Acrylic, White ~A2 $17.00
3mm Acrylic, Black ~A3 $8.00
3mm Acrylic, Black ~A2 $17.00
3mm Acrylic, Various Colours ~A3 $8.00
1.5mm Acrylic, Clear ~A2 $17.00
1.5mm Acrylic, Clear ~A3 $8.00
0.6mm Polypropylene, Various Colours ~A3 $2.50
0.6mm Polypropylene, Various Colours ~A2 $4.00
1.5mm Grey Craft Cardboard 447 x 297mm $6.00
3mm Grey Craft Cardboard 510 x 376mm $8.00
2.5mm White Top Single Ply Corrugated ~A3 $2.00
3.5mm Single Ply Corrugated, Natural ~A2 $1.00
6mm Single Ply Corrugated, Natural ~A2 $1.50
4mm, Melamine for Laser ~A2 $10.00
6mm, Melamine for Laser ~A2 $14.00
15mm, Non-structural for CNC 2400×1200 $50.00
15mm, Non-structural for CNC 1200×1200 $25.00
0.5mm Timber Veneer ~A2 $15.00
3D Printing Plastic
Printed items will be weighed by staff in the basement, please take yourslip up to the counter for payment. Show receipt and collect printed item. $0.15/gram
Pinkysil 100 grams $7.50/100g
Greensil 100 grams $9.50/100g
EasyCast 100 grams $4.00/100g
Vinyl Cutting
600mm Vinyl, Various Colours x $8.00/meter
300mm Vinyl, Various Colours x $6.00/meter
500mm Applicator Tape x $2.00/meter
300mm Applicator Tape x $1.80/meter
Other Consumables
10mm PVC Foam Maxi-T ~A2 $15.00
30mm Extruded Styrene ~A3 $8.00
30mm Extruded Styrene ~A2 $14.00