Light Box – MAKEIT Activity Kits head to regional Queensland


The Edge is very happy to announce the 13 recipients of the National Science Week, Light Box: MAKEIT Activity Kits! Last month we put the call-out to Public Libraries interested in a bespoke activity box, containing a complete set of materials and instructions for six workshops exploring the science of light.
Today we would like to announce the recipients of the activity kits, so you can hunt down your nearest library and attend a Light Box workshop or loan the Light Box to deliver a workshop to your community or school.

Next month, Light Boxes will be available at:

  • Bundaberg Regional Library, Childers Branch
  • Charters Towers Excelsior Library
  • Bob McDonald Library
  • Cooktown Library
  • Flinders Shire Public Library
  • Gladstone Regional Libraries
  • Moreton Bay Regional Libraries
  • Noosa Library Service
  • South Burnett Libraries
  • Hibberd Library
  • Lockhart River IKC
  • Thursday Island
  • Mabuiage IKC

If there isn’t a library on the list near you – not to worry! We have a back-up plan! Each of the Light Box workshop plans can be downloaded from The Edge website for free, and presented to your school or community under a Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license.

We are also working on pre-packed MAKEIT Kits for each of the Light Box activities, if you are interested in placing an order and purchasing these kits, please email

Light Box – Workshop Plans
Each Light Box contains 6 workshop plans and materials for up to 15 participants.

Bending Light
Explore what happens when light travels from one substance to another and how this makes rainbows, optical fibres and elusive fish.

Create and ever changing mosaic of colour with this classic optical toy you can make in a few minutes from cardboard, scraps of plastic and a few coloured beads.

Waves of Light
You can feel energy travelling in water waves, and hear it in sound waves, and light energy travels in waves, too. Use the properties of light waves to make interesting things happen, using flyscreen, sheets of perspex and 3-D glasses

See what is happening over the fence, and around the corner with this simple periscope design that uses plastic mirrors and a cardboard template (not suitable for submarines).

See the colours in different sources of light using this simple spectroscope made using a cardboard template and a piece of CD.

The Colour White
We see millions of colours on our screens, and even more in nature, but how does the white light from the sun or an LED make that possible? Combine colours using torches and build a colour spinner to find out how the colour white is made.

View and download your copy of the MAKEIT Workshop Plans here.



This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.

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