More Microbial Cellulose

You might by now have seen some of the fashion and artistic applications of the “fabric from a vat” technology I mentioned yesterday. Now I’d like to show you some of the medical applications, because although a bit less DIY-friendly, it’s where some pretty magnificent research is happening. And at least one of the pictures looks like The Future if ever I’ve seen it; you’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see it, especially if you ever saw Terry Gilliam’s film, Brazil. Have a look; it’s exciting stuff! I’d love to hear from any dermatologists in Australia who use cellulose dressings like CelMat (Poland) or Dermafill (USA) for treating burns and other large wounds.

And to further update on yesterday’s post, I’ve just been informed by our Creative Production Manager that it’s the structure of paper that matters for writing on it – the ability for the ink to catch on the chunks of fibre. It’s the effective smoothness of bacterial cellulose sheets that might pose a problem for such applications, then. But there are always ways around problems like that. If anyone knows of people already making paper from microbial cellulose, please link away!

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