Audiovisual Snippet Surgery from Regional QLD

I recently finished up as a Catalyst at The Edge soon and here is a quick final post.
Thanks to all The Edge crew, I’ve had a great time meeting everyone who uses the space and learning heeeeeeaps.
Much love.

I recently had the pleasure of doing some work in Central West Queensland as part of the Creative Pathways program.
The young crew out there had been working towards the Shockwave Youth Arts Festival.

and we decided to make an audiovisual composition for the Sound & Light show in Blackall.
We filmed a bunch of things making sound, then chopped them into small ‘one-shots’.”
We used Vegas to edit the bits together to make some crazy AV beats.

At the festival, we projected it above a stage the size of a semi-trailer and then we used 2 USB dance mats to trigger the individual sounds with our feet….

Audiovisual feet-drumming is the future!
By the end of the screening we had people from the community ‘dancing’ in their own remix of the video with massive projections on the side of the community hall.

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