Goodbye Richard

All good adventures are full of bumpy starts, long climbs, exhilarating descents, the rush of wind in your face and the inevitable finish line free-fall, so ends, for the time being, my artist in residence at The Edge.
Moving from Sydney in April to join the newly opened space, to be part of the team and forge what it means to be on/in and of, The Edge, has been an experience in many things, including, 1. not asking for permission, getting on with it and only if required seeking forgiveness later (strangely that never happened..
perhaps they liked me?) and 2. being openly receptive to random occurrences of inspiring collaborations, meetings, errors, mistakes and accidents all in the name of creative experimentation as the sign on the front window says.
The opportunity to create the Surroundings 5.1.3 performance and installation with 3 great emerging
brisbane musicians (and now great friends) was a highly inspiring highlight, thank you BB, Arongo and
Hannah. Also thanks to those that attended the workshops I gave in the last few weeks, I hope my
ramblings imparted some knowledge about Quartz Composer and how I use it to construct my interactive
works and performances.
And now, as I pack my bags, the place seems to have a wholly different atmosphere than from only a few
short months ago.. there’s something going on there.. a murmur, a rustling of creative feathers.. I look
forward to returning to find creative experiments going on and OFF, all through the place, not a farmville in
sight and a place Brisbane creatives have taken over as their own, as it should be.
Richard Byers

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