Recording Studio Upgrade

Good news for all of you audiophiles. The Edge’s Recording Studio has had an upgrade!  We’ve now got a Pro Tools HD Native PCIe core card installed and are in the process of upgrading to Pro Tools 11. We’ll let you know when that happens and discuss some of the advantages and new features of the Pro Tools 11 software.

We’ve also got the Native Instruments Komplete 10 bundle installed. This package includes a multitude of virtual instruments and effects that can be accessed as plugins in Pro Tools, Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X.

Need an authentic sounding electric-piano, a huge saw bass, a suite of virtual guitar pedals, or a string ensemble? All of these (and plenty more) are available in Komplete 10.

We’ve also added a Maschine and Ableton Push controller to our range of hardware instruments/controllers. The Maschine can be thought of as a hybrid hardware/software drum machine/sampler in the tradition of the Akai MPC (a mainstay of hip hop and electronic music for the past 20 years). The Maschine 2 software also has a huge range of virtual instruments that can be played and programmed via the hardware controller. While the software can be used as a standalone program (and it’s a great, user friendly interface) it can also be accessed as a plugin in Pro Tools, Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X providing you with the best of both applications combined.

The Ableton Push controller is Ableton’s first (solo) foray into the realm of hardware. If you’re a bit sick of writing and editing music with keyboard and mouse, the Push is a great way to get back to hands on ‘playing’ but in a new and innovative way. You can, for example, use the 64 velocity sensitive pads as a chromatic keyboard and play chords using various hand ‘shapes’ in a totally different fashion to a traditional keyboard. You can also set a scale, tap the pads and never hit a bum note! The Push is also great as a drum sequencer and, with its auto-mapping capabilities, you can easily tweak parameters in Ableton via the knobs rather than having to resort to the mouse.


For a taste of what you can create in Ableton Live 9 and with the use of Native Instruments Komplete bundle and the Maschine software and hardware, check out Furious Styles.


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