Sound Hunter I – Field to Sample

the edge Sound Hunter

Following on from our sampling session in Sound Hunter I | Field to Sample, I have broken down our field recordings into over 100 royalty-free samples ready for use in your own sonic constructions! Just follow the Dropbox link for listening and downloading. Over the next week the Sound Hunter Dropbox will hold over 500 royalty free samples for use in experimenting with sound composition.

This series has seen a collection of interested artists, musicians and general experimenters recording sound found along the riverside of South Bank and inside the SLQ precinct. We used a range of recording devices, from the Zoom H4n, Zoom Q3HD, Samsung and iPhone smartphones.  The sounds range from ambient, percussive, incidental, drone-like, noisy, complex and bell-like. I have taken these raw files (featuring a range of quality files from a range of input mics) and cut them up into a range of samples. If you click the Dropbox link you will see they are organised into a range of sonic descriptors such as crackle, noise, tap, kick, crunch, melodic, ambient etc. Feel free to download!

See you soon. Mxen

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